Effective Classroom Management

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Every class has a different bunch of students like naughty, angry, sincere, playful, quiet, talkative. For a teacher, it becomes difficult to manage every type of student efficiently and create a healthy learning environment. Being a teacher is no less than being a superhero. A teacher is like a second mother to a child. She has to manage every child in the classroom, ensure that they are giving there best and learning nee things without any difficulty.

As a teacher one comes across different types of classes, some classrooms have sincere children in the majority where it becomes easy to handle them but some classrooms majority of children are rowdy and naughty which makes it very difficult for a teacher to handle them.

Classroom Management Styles

Every teacher has their style of managing a class but if we cover all these styles and try to classify them we have four major types of classroom management styles:

In this style, a teacher gives direct instructions to her children and expects them to follow her rules blindly without questioning them. There is no class interaction, students are usually quite in such type of classrooms. She usually reads the chapter rather than discussion. There is strict enforcement of rules and students are always in the discipline. Questioning and discussions are not supported by her.

These type of teachers have good control of their classroom. They are strict enough to maintain discipline but also encourage class interaction, questioning and group discussions in her classroom. She is firm but fair. She wants interactive learning to take place and students to have positive feedback about her teachings.

In this style, teachers don't care about their teaching career neither are they interested in teaching students. They don't prepare lessons before teaching them. Students usually do whatever they want to do in the classroom and there is no relationship between students and teachers. Such teachers don't know about their students and are not interested in making them learn new things.

In this style, a teacher is determined to teach her students new things. She prepares new activities and creative techniques to ensure interactive learning in her classroom. She is not so strict with her rules so there is less discipline among students. She has a strong relationship with her students and cares for them deeply.


1. Interaction - Ensure that your classroom is an interactive session where everyone feels free to express their views. Interaction builds a strong relationship between students and teachers and helps teachers to know more about the thought process and understanding of a student.

2. Let Students Lead - Let your students lead activities and learning in the classroom. This will give them freedom and help them to learn how to manage and lead things in social groups. It will give them self belief and confidence to handle situations and also help them in knowing about the topic in a better way.

3. Encourage Questioning - Students feel shy to ask questions and also get embarrassed when the teacher doesn't show interest in their questions. As a teacher, you should always encourage questioning so that every doubt in your student's mind is clear. Try to develop an environment where your student is comfortable asking questions and you answer them patiently.

4. Be strict but firm - It is important to maintain discipline in a classroom so that naughty students are controlled. But being very strict in the classroom can make students negative towards the teacher and they may not take part in group discussions or ask questions and clear their doubt so it is important to be strict in a manner that students are not scared of you as well as maintain discipline.

5. Creative ways of teaching - Rather than just explaining students about the topic find other practical ways which will increase their participation and interest in the classroom and excite them to learn more about it. For instance, if you have to explain a drama then ask students to pick up their characters and act like them while reading their lines from the book.


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